Vitrine murale ballon de rugby

VAT included

Acrylic wall display case for rugby ball (size 5).

It includes an acrylic cover, to be fixed to the wall, and the support to hold the balloon in the display case.

External dimensions: W 266 x H 353 x D 267 mm.

Choice of black, transparent or white back.

Color of the back
Livraison sous 7 à 10 jours

It protects your rugby ball from approximately 90% of UV rays, dust and inopportune handling.

The cover is made of a 3 mm thick acrylic and the back of 5 mm thick acrylic.

The bottom of the display case is fixed to the wall using a stainless steel screw system, as is the balloon support. Once mounted, the screw heads are invisible.

The front cover mounts and detaches easily using a hook and slot system, without risk of tipping. To disassemble the showcase, simply push and push the cover upwards.


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