Vitrine moderne Casque de moto 1:2

VAT included

Acrylic display case with an acrylic base.

This showcase has been designed for displaying a 1:2 F1 helmet.

Stand is loose and can be removed to display another collectible.

Internal dimensions: 20 x 25 x H 16,8 cm.

Choice of base colour: black, white or transparent.

Color of the back
Livraison sous 7 à 10 jours

The showcase is made up of a 3 mm thick transparent acrylic cover and a base is made of 5 mm thick plexiglass.

It has a small ledge which allows the cover to be placed and avoids any risk of overturning.

Four small self-adhesive non-slip feet are supplied with the showcase and can be placed according to your needs.

The showcase can be used in the other direction and the base as a lid.

External dimensions: L. 20,6 x W. 15,6 x H 17,4 cm

This showcase can be made to the dimensions you want on request.

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